Dr Seuss Party Printable Set

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you….
Are you a Dr Seuss Fan? Celebrate your child’s birthday in Seussian style with our FREE digital printable set from Sunshine Parties on Etsy.

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Dr Seuss Party_collage

Dr Seuss_Party Table

The Fabulous and Fun Dr Seuss Party Table including our Happy Birthday banner, Mini Cake Bunting, Cupcake toppers, Food Labels and much more all laid out to create this fantastic look.

Dr Seuss_cupcakes

Cupcake Toppers and Cupcake Wrappers are available in the set too! How lucky are you?!!

Dr Seuss_party snacks4
With a Dr Seuss party its vitally important to get creative with the food names! x

Dr Seuss_party snacks3

Dr Seuss_party snacks2

Dr Seuss Party Food ideas:
Strawberries dipped in Blue Chocolate above and yummy
Marshmallows dipped in Blue Chocolate below.

Dr Seuss_party snacks

Nobody can resist Mini Cake Bunting! You can have a simple easy to do cake, and make it stand out with these great flags.
Find these cute flags in our party pack x

Dr Seuss_cake

How much fun is this cake? Thank you Isla Louise!

Dr Seuss_cake2

Candy Thing chocolate wrappers available in the freebie set! :)
Simply wrap them around a chocolate bar, and voila you have your own personalised chocolate.

Dr Seuss_candy

Dr Seuss Birthday Door Sign framed in a white frame makes quite the statement.

Dr Seuss_door sign

This way,That way Dr Seuss Party Sign.

Dr Seuss_Party Sign

Other Dr Seuss Party Decor and Drinks ideas

Dr Seuss_drinks

Straw Kites accent the straws.

Dr Seuss_drinks straws

Dr Seuss Party Game Ideas…

Dr Seuss_party game

Dr Seuss_party game2

 Yummy Bright Blue and Red layers with Cream Cheese icing…Fabulous!

Dr Seuss_favours
Dr Seuss_thank yous

Thank you boxes. Place a few sweets or jelly beans  inside as an easy thank you favour gift.

And last but not least, they Mayor of Seussville! Happy Birthday Sir. :)


You can easily create this fun party by simply downloading the FREE party set.

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